Sami Feast

 We welcome you to a special feast here at Gargia Fjellstue, with a delightful meal based on the Sami culture.  This will give you an opportunity to taste traditional food, from the area, along with a presentation of the Sami culture.


 The host will welcome you, outside the Fjellstue, where you will learn about the history and the role of the fjellstue throughout time. At this time, you will be served a special welcome-drink. Then we will invite you inside our lavvo (Sami for tent or ‘tipi’), which is the traditional lodging for the Sami-people, living upon the mountain-plateau. While sitting around the bonfire, we will tell you about the Sami history, traditional hunting and living.

At this point, you will be served a hot appetizer- a delicious reindeer-bouillon ‘soup’ served in a traditional wooden-cup.

 You will then be invited inside the Fjellstue, where we will give you a short tour before we sit down around a cozy table in our “Sami-living room”.  Our chefs will arrange a grand buffet on our antique cast iron-oven, where the food will be presented in traditional cast iron-pots and pans. On the buffet, you will find a variety of different reindeer dishes, both traditional, as well as some more modern. The highlight of the feast will be when you will have the opportunity to try to cut up some reindeer bones, with a big Sami-knife, in order to remove the marrow, just as the Sami would traditionally do (If you dare!). All the dishes will be presented and explained before the start of your meal.

 During the meal, we will introduce you to the Sami music and their special “Sami-joik” (Chants).

 With the dessert and coffee, we will present to you a small slide-show, with pictures from Finnmark, showing you a glimpse of the artic life and scenery.  Hopefully you will leave Gargia Fjellstue fully satisfied from both the food and culture….and hopefully the ‘experience’ will stay with you for a long, long time.

* Welcome-drink (both with or without alcohol)
* Reindeer-bouillon ‘soup’ served in the lavvo
* Buffét with a variety of warm reindeer dishes
(Also fish will be found on the buffet)
* Dessert: Cake of the house
* Tea & Coffee

 Along with the meal, we will offer you beer, redwine, whitewine, aquavite, mineral water- all specially chosen to go along with the served meal.

The wooden-cup can be purchased, as a special souvenir from this evening.

 We invite you to come and experience the Sami-traditions at
Gargia Fjellstue!


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