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Here you can find various resources (pictures, logos, etc.) that are as supplement to our press releases.

Feel free to send any feedback to press@mamut.com if anything is missing, or if something does not work. 

We have put out pictures in various formats, depending on your needs. Pictures in the jpg/gif formats are used on the Internet, whereas pictures in the EPS/TIF formats are used in print. To see a preview of the picture, click on the link (only valid for pictures that support your browser). To save a picture onto your hard disk, click on the link with the right mouse button and select ‘Save Target As’.

Eilert G. Hanoa, CEO

·  EilertH-1.jpg  (29.64 KB JPEG Image)

·  EilertH-1_c.tif  (4,244.74 KB Binary file)

·  EilertH-2.jpg  (38.09 KB JPEG Image)

·  EilertH-2_c.tif  (4,296.14 KB Binary file)

·  EilertH-3.jpg  (34.99 KB JPEG Image)

·  EilertH-3_c.tif  (461.44 KB Binary file)


·  MAMUT_Logo_b.eps  (54.78 KB EPS File)

·  MAMUT_Logo_b.gif  (4.45 KB GIF Image)

·  MAMUT_Logo_b.tif  (122.07 KB Binary file)

·  MAMUT_Logo_c.gif  (5.19 KB GIF Image)

·  MAMUT_Logo_c.tif  (487.98 KB Binary file)

·  MAMUT_Logo_neg_b.eps  (54.78 KB EPS File)

·  MAMUT_Logo_neg_b.gif  (4.47 KB GIF Image)

·  MAMUT_Logo_neg_b.tif  (122.05 KB Binary file)

·  MAMUT_Logo_neg_c.gif  (4.89 KB GIF Image)

·  MAMUT_Logo_neg_c.tif  (487.95 KB Binary file)

·  MAMUT_Logo_neg_P2617.eps  (54.84 KB EPS File)

·  MAMUT_Logo_P2617.eps  (54.87 KB EPS File)



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