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Take a look at some of the awards and reviews we have received!

Mamut has received a number of awards and lots of positive feedback for the functionality and user-friendliness of our e-commerce solutions from a variety of sources!

pcpro.jpgPC PRO (Denmark)
Mamut was one of the programs on PC PRO’s cover CD-ROM  in  January 2001, and the magazine gives Mamut a good write up: «Mamut is an e-commerce solution that is not only incredibly easy to use, but also free. Whether you know HTML or not, or have your own web site or not, you can build your first e-store with Mamut in 15 minutes».

MCSP Challenge Award

MCSP Challenge: Best Nordic e-commerce solution for small and mid-sized businesses
In Rome, in July 2000, Mamut Pro was announced the best Nordic e-commerce solution for small and mid-sized businesses. The user-friendliness of the product makes it easy to get started with e-commerce, according to the jury in the Nordic final in the Microsoft Certified Solution Provider Challenge.

Internet Works, UK

Internet.WorksInternet Works, one of UK’s leading IT Magazines, have tested Mamut and awarded the program 83 percent out of 100! Internet Works states that «Mamut is not at all bad for a free product – there are companies that charge for a lot less!»

PC Magazine

PC MagazineMamut was selected as one of the programs on PC Magazine UK’s cover CD-ROM in August, and PC Magazine writes: «Mamut is your business card, price list, company presentation, news agency, and web shop on the Internet. It’s a user-friendly software package that allows businesses to create and update their presence on the Internet using Mamut’s Web server. Best of all, Mamut is free for everyone and will remain free in the future.»

PC World, January 2000

PC World
With Mamut, businesses and organizations can develop a web site in less than half an hour – and it’s free, PC World writes in January 2000. The wizard takes you through the whole process and requires no prior knowledge about the Internet from the user!

Netmag, UK

«You won’t find a faster method to set up your own Web site»,
says Netmag UK, and selects Mamut for their ‘Free Software Selection’.

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