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European farmers go online with Mamut
(Oslo, 9/11-2000) Mamut ASA has entered into a partnership agreement with Famersfield, Europe’s leading portal for the agricultural industry.

(Oslo, 9 November 2000) Mamut ASA has entered into a partnership agreement with Famersfield, Europe’s leading portal for the agricultural industry. Agriculture is the industry sector with the strongest growth in online trade, and now all of Farmersfileld’s users are offered a professional e-commerce solution through Mamut for Farmersfield.

“Many of Europe’s six million farmers wish to sell and profile a number of goods and services on the Internet, and we are pleased to give Farmersfield’s users the opportunity to take part in this development by offering them a free, professional e-commerce solution with Mamut”, says Rune L. Johannessen, Marketing Director in Farmersfield.

Strategic focus on the Internet
Farmersfield is the leading portal for the European agricultural industry. There are more than six million farms in Europe, and a total of 37 million people working in agricultural industry. The agricultural sector is increasingly involved in e-commerce, and it is vital that farmers too participate in the electronic marketplace.

User-friendliness for farmers
User-friendliness was key when Farmersfield considered potential partners, and Mamut was chosen because the solution does not demand any prior knowledge of the Internet or HTML and still ensures a professional result. All of Farmersfield’s users will be offered an e-commerce solution from Mamut, and the software will be pre-installed on PC’s sold by Farmersfiled.

“The agricultural industry is one of the sectors that can really benefit from e-commerce, and we are sure that many farmers will gain from using Mamut’s e-commerce solutions”, says Mamut’s CEO, Eilert Hanoa.

About Farmersfield ASA
Farmersfield is Europe’s leading portal for the agricultural industry. The portal was established in September 2000 as a collaboration between, among others, Kverneland Group, Hydro Agri and PriceWaterhouseCoopers Consulting. Farmersfield is the best online starting point for farmers, and offers a mix of news, weather service, links to public and other relevant information, as well as input factors and agricultural equipment. Farmersfield is being launched in all the European countries. For more information about Farmersfield, please visit www.farmersfield.com.      

About Mamut ASA
Mamut is a leading provider of complete information and e-commerce software for small and medium-sized businesses. Mamut offers comprehensive web solutions as well as mini-ERP applications and software for personal finance and tax management at the lowest prices on the market. More than 50,000 customers use Mamut software daily. The company has received numerous awards for its product range and has subsidiaries worldwide. Further information about Mamut and the company’s products can be found at www.mamut.com.

For further information, please contact:    
Eilert Hanoa, Chief Executive Officer Mamut ASA, tel. +47 23 20 35 00, e-mail: press@mamut.com

Rune L. Johannessen, Marketing Director Farmersfield ASA, tel +47 51 84 26 60, e-mail: rune.johannessen@farmersfield.com



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