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Get yourself a personal web address
From IT Kanalen, 10/10-2000

 Now you can register your own, personal web address, www.ola.nordmann.com, completely free, writes IT Kanalen.

Nameplanet now offers, as the first operator in the world, personal web addresses like www.ola.nordmann.com completely free of charge. Simultaneously, the company makes public a partnership with Mamut, offering Nameplanet’s 700,000 users a free, professional website.

Since the launch of Nameplanet.com in February, users of the service have been able to use their personal e-mail addresses, for instance stig@edvardsen.com. Now Nameplanet.com takes the concept one step further. User of the service can now publish their own web pages on the web address that reflects themselves, for instance www.stig.edvardsen.com, writes IT Kanalen. 




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