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Mamut partners with Nameplanet.com
Personal web address at Nameplanet.com
(Oslo, 9/10-2000) Nameplanet.com, the world’s largest owner of domain names, is the first operator in the world to offer personal web addresses

(Oslo, 9 October 2000) Nameplanet.com, the world’s largest owner of domain names, is the first operator in the world to offer personal web addresses like www.john.doe.com – completely free. The company is also announcing a partnership agreement with Mamut, where Nameplanet.com’s 700,000 users are offered a free, professional website.

– Nameplanet.com’s vision is to give ordinary people a personal service on the net. The partnership with Mamut gives our 700,000 users an excellent opportunity to create their own websites with great results, says Lars-Odin Mellemseter, Nameplanet.com’s CEO.

Since the launch of Nameplanet.com in February, users of the service have had the pleasure of using their own personal e-mail address Firstname@Lastname. The service from Nameplanet.com allows people to communicate on the net with an unforgettable address like john@doe.com.

Now Nameplanet.com is taking the idea one step further. Users can now also get a personalized web address for their website; www.john.doe.com.

Free website with Mamut for Nameplanet
Nameplanet.com has joined forces with Mamut, a leading provider of e-commerce solutions, to offer their 700,000 customers free software to build their own websites. The whole process of registering a personal e-mail address, web address and website is completed in a few minutes, and no Internet or programming knowledge is required. On their website users can open a webshop, publish news, pictures and graphics and stay in touch with family and friends all over the world.

– The alliance with Nameplanet.com gives us the possibility of offering our customers a complete, free package, including website, web address and a personal e-mail address. We expect many of Nameplanet.com’s 700,000 users to create their own website using Mamut and many of our existing customers to take up the offer of a personal web address, says Eilert Hanoa, Mamut’s CEO.

About Nameplanet.com
Nameplanet.com is the world’s largest operator and provider of personal e-mail addresses. The service enables users to use their own name as their web address. Since the launch in February this year over 700,000 users have got an e-mail address at Nameplanet.com. The service is available in seven different languages. The company’s 34 employees are based in offices in Oslo and London. The investors behind the company include Venture Partners, Four Season Venture and The Carlyle Group (the largest Internet Venture Fond in Europe). Visit Nameplanet.com at www.nameplanet.com

About Mamut ASA
Mamut is a leading provider of complete information and e-commerce software for small and medium-sized businesses. Mamut offers comprehensive web solutions as well as mini-ERP applications and software for personal finance and tax management at the lowest prices on the market. More than 50,000 customers use Mamut software daily. The company has received numerous awards for its product range and has subsidiaries worldwide. Further information about Mamut and the company’s products can be found at www.mamut.com

For further information, please contact:
Tor Albert Ersdal, Scandinavian Manager, Nameplanet.com, tel.: + 47 93 02 96 10, e-mail: Tor.Albert@Ersdal.com
Eilert Hanoa, CEO Mamut, tel.: + 47 23 20 35 00, e-mail: press@mamut.com



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