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Mamut launches cheap webshop
From digi.no 28/3-00 (Norway)

 Mamut launches cheap webshop, digi.no writes. Mamut (formerly Guru) is launching an inexpensive  webshop solution which copies those that the biggest and most expensive solutions offer.

The first generation’s webshops lived their own lives.  All movements in the system had to be entered into the webshop owner’s business application.  This led among other things to customers ordering more goods than were currently on hand or could be ordered.

But in order to solve this problem one needed to order the most advanced systems from SAP or Oracle.  Mamut CEO Eilert Hanoa is now launching that which could be a great novelty for small Norwegian companies.  Using the around NOK 2,000 (ca. $250) expensive webshop system, one can interface with the company’s business application Guru Business Applications.

Mamut Pro also duplicates the advanced systems’ capability to confirm orders via e-mail and to check your account at the webshop, writes digi.no.



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