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Mamut Contact handles the company’s contacts
From Microdatorn, nr. 12/2001

With functions that are normally found in more expensive solutions, Contact is a good choice for small business owners. A web shop is also included in the price, writes Mikrodatorn.

Mamut Contact is a slightly unusual program. It is developed for small and medium-sized businesses and the program’s name indicates that it is all about sales support, popularly called CRM (Customer Relationship Management). And that’s correct, but you can also find modules in the program that are usually found in an ERP system, and in addition you have the chance to build and operate your own web shop, writes Mikrodatorn. 

The system is therefore rather complex, but fortunately Mamut has chosen to keep the number of functions down to a reasonable level. This does not mean, however, that the program is too simple, and for smaller companies the functionality should be more than sufficient. Mamut Contact comes in several versions; the largest includes e-commerce, contact management, sales automation, products and reports. In addition, it is possible to synchronise information with a handheld Pocket PC, writes Mikrodatorn.

In the e-commerce module, you can create your web shop and the entire set up is as simple as can be. The informative and clear interface makes it so that no one needs to be unsure of the procedure. The information that will be published on the web site is entered into dialogue boxes and product information is obtained from the product register.

The program’s main section is the contact management section. In the contact card, you find information about who the contact is, as well as the contact’s status with your company. The contact could be a potential customer, an active customer or any other category you wish. The function for synchronising the Pocket PC is easy to understand and straight forward just as the rest of the program.

Mamut Contact is a good solution if you need an easy to manage, but competent tool for contact management and a system for easier business system functions, such as a product register and invoice management. With this purchase, you will have the chance to try out the Internet as a complete sales channel without the trouble of obtaining a web hotel.



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