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Documentation Mamut Business Software
Updated user manuals ensure that your business gets the most out your Mamut Business Software solution.
Mamut offers the following to businesses that want to update their Mamut Business Software documentation:

Mamut User Manuals – Documentation Update
Documentation Update is a subscription that for 18 months gives you new and updated user manuals or other documentation as soon as it becomes available. With Mamut Documentation Update you will always have the latest documentation available. Price: $99 (EURO 111excl. VAT and sales tax.
 Order Mamut Documentation Update

Mamut User Manuals – Introduction Manual 1: E-commerce and CRM
This user manual covers with the part of the system that deals with the Internet, e-commerce and customer relationship management, such as the activity, document or project module. The manual also covers all processes related to offer, order and invoicing. Price: $45 (EURO 49excl. VAT and sales tax.
 Order Introduction Manual 1

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