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Prices in both the Euro and national currency
From PC World Express, no. 28/2001

Mamut, known for its financial, CRM and e-commerce solutions, now gives its customers the possibility to adapt their web shop to the international market, writes PC World Express.

You can now present prices in all web shops in the Euro and in the national currency.

With Mamut’s e-commerce solution, all companies can establish a web shop in 1-2-3. The solution requires no previous knowledge of HTML, and users can go in themselves and make changes when it is necessary – without assistance from expensive consultants.

In its latest version, Mamut has secured its web shop to satisfy the EU’s information requirement from users, and gives the possibility to sell products and services over all of Europe.

The web shop is integrated with a financial system and CRM system so that all requests from the Internet are created automatically in the customer and order registers. This lets users focus on what’s important, writes PC World Express: Better customer service and increased sales!



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