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Mamut Contact: Easy-to-use web shop tool and well-specified contact management
Internetworks, one of England’s leading IT magazines, has reviewed Mamut Contact and awards it 75 percent!

Internet.WorksInternetworks (no 46/2001)  has taken a closer look at the functionality in Mamut Contact – and they like what they see: ‘Now we see what Mamut have been up to over the last few months – Mamut Contact. It’s an unusual combination of products, but one that works very well together – particularly when you consider how important customer relationship management is to the average e-business.’

Easy CRM Mamut
Contact consists of an offline web shop builder, with full product stock control, multiple price lists, warehouse location information and supplier details, writes Internetworks. Included are dozens of themes for the look and feel of your store, plus extra pages for news contact, etc. The end result is a web shop catalogue that can be uploaded to your e-commerce site as specified. Individual products from the inventory can be excluded from the web update if required.

Mamut Contact look pretty much like any other contact manager, you get a contact record with all the usual fields for storing useful information about this person. There are also tabs for other contacts with the same company, activities you have scheduled using the project management features and a screen showing Microsoft Office documents associated with this contact. All this information is formed around the base of links between Microsoft Office and Mamut Contact.

Integration is key
‘Integration is key’, Internetworks writes. ‘For a successful CRM application, integration with the online e-commerce store is a major advantage, and Mamut scores well here.’

The can easily be illustrated by a typical scenario where all orders placed on the web through the e-commerce application, are automatically processed in the online order register. Once this is in place, the response from the web shop is entered directly into the activities module, enabling the correct department in the company to follow up the customer appropriately.

‘This seamless integration is far in advance of e-business applications available at reasonable prices, and makes Mamut a very viable proposition for the SME who previously thought such CRM was probably out of reach.

Internetworks concludes that ‘there are more sophisticated CRM solutions out there, but not at this price’.



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