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Working at Mamut
Mamut is a great place to work, offering lots of opportunities to the right people.

‘The Mamut culture’
At the Mamut Corporation, we expect all employees to cooperate across departments and tasks, to have a positive attitude, and to respect each other and each other’s tasks. We also expect that everyone’s tasks are regarded as equally important and useful to the existence of Mamut. We expect that colleagues share their working experiences with each other, both positive and negative ones. This is important in order for everyone to learn and to exchange experiences. We expect that everyone contributes to the team spirit, and that nobody runs a ‘one man show’. Our culture demands openness and that nobody takes themselves too seriously.

At the Mamut Corporation, you yourself decide how far you want to go. Our community is young (the average age is 28) and the tempo can be very high at times. Quickly you have to solve demanding tasks and your efforts will be noticed. There is not much time to hang about by the coffee machine, but when you do ‘take five’ we can offer both cappuccino, espresso and a very pleasant community.

Mamut offers very favourable terms and conditions, ownership of the company (stock options) and a very good working environment.



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