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Compaq chooses Mamut
From Finansavisen, 23/3-2001

 Today Compaq is launching the web site theSource on the German market at the IT and telecom fair CeBIT. The Norwegian IT company Mamut has been chosen as the partner for e-commerce and CRM solutions, writes Finansavisen.

Compaq, one of the world’s leading providers of PC’s and computing systems, has in Germany chosen the Norwegian company Mamut as the provider and partner for e-commerce and CRM solutions at the company’s new web site, theSource. Compaq has spent a lot of time on evaluating the solutions, and the deal is a feather in the hat for Mamut, writes Finansavisen.

”It is important for us to gain access to the German market, and the partnership with Compaq represents a good opportunity for distributing our solutions in Germany”, says Eilert Hanoa, CEO of Mamut.

The web site theSource launched by Compaq today is a B2B portal customized for businesses in the SME segment. The service offers a total of 25 services, and the aim is to help small organizations to become professional without having to spend a lot of time and resources on building their own computing system, writes Finansavisen.

Mamut will be offering customized e-commerce and CRM solutions to users of theSource in Germany, respectively Mamut Web Manager and Mamut Business Manager.

Mamut’s CEO thinks the company’s Business Manager, which integrates customer and sales management with the company’s e-commerce solution, was crucial element in the selection process.

“On the German market there are probably 50 players that offer respectively e-commerce and CRM solutions as separate systems. Our management system, which integrates these solutions, gives us a broader product range than just e-commerce”, says Hanoa.

The deal with Compaq is in line with Mamut’s strategy. The company is using a lot of resources on increasing the international growth and earnings from last year’s 10 percent to 25 percent this year. Mamut is going to achieve this growth through partner and distribution agreements with international companies that are market leaders in their home markets.  

The SME market in Germany is at least 10 times as big as the same segment in Norway with some 200,000 businesses in the SME segment, and to begin with more than 30,000 of Compaq’s customers in Germany will be offered the services at theSource.  Further plans naturally depend on the response, but Mamut’s CEO is looking forward to the reception in the market, writes Finansavisen: “I hope that Compaq’s investment pays off, and we will follow the reception in the market and adjust further plans accordingly. We are humble and thinking long-term, and we don’t need to scale the costs before the sale”, Hanoa finishes.







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