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Mamut eCRM ready soon
From PC World, 2/3-2001

 pcworld.jpgMamut ASA will shortly launch Mamut eCRM, writes PC World. Mamut eCRM is a complete solution aimed at small and medium-sized businesses, featuring professional e-store and customer, sales and product management. 

Mamut is well known for making programs that are user-friendly, and eCRM is no exception, writes PC World.

The eCRM system will use the same user interface as the other Mamut programs, with the same menus and options. With eCRM you can get more satisfied customers, increase sales and offer products and information 24 hours a day. More and more e-stores are focusing on their customer relationships, and are thus taking the consequence of the substantial criticism from many sources on poor routines and customer management.

eCRM from Mamut allows you to collate and use information to build loyal customer relationships, something that e-stores have had great problems delivering.

PC World goes on to write that with eCRM you can easily promote your business on the Internet through the complete web site and e-store included in Mamut eCRM, as well as get a complete overview of all customers and contacts through a joint system for CRM, product register and order register. Mamut also offers seamless integration with your web site, with order download and feedback from new and existing customers as the main functions. Mamut informs that the work on eCRM is going according to schedule, writes PC World.



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