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New card for small businesses
The new American Express Business Card is being launched today, and Mamut is one of Amex’ partners.

The new card from Den Norske Bank, specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses with fewer than 50 employees, has been named the American Express Business Card. The card is being launched on Monday the 22nd of May, and Mamut is one of Amex’ partners.

«This card is designed for payment of travel expenses and other business related purchases. The card will help companies cut down on administration and will allow a greater degree of control and supervision of costs,» says Marketing Director Hans Olav Hagen at DnB Kort.

He points out that, «In addition, the card will help companies reduce direct costs via the discount packages we have negotiated with DHL, Mamut (software supplier) and Nyman & Schultz Forretningsreiser (business travel agents). With the card, small companies will be able to get the same type of discounts available to large companies, while making significant reductions in administration costs.»

Free Transport Insurance
An example of possible savings for card users is the offer provided by DHL, one of the world’s largest transport companies, of transport insurance for up to NOK 50,000 completely free of charge. DHL will also provide card users with a special service guarantee, their own contact person in DHL, 24-hour customer service, free packaging and delivery supervision.

Professional Internet Shop Free-of-Charge
Mamut ASA will supply card users with software which allows them quickly and free-of-charge to set up a professional Internet shop. Mamut will also offer a 50% reduction on the setup of a more advanced web site, and card users will be offered excellent discounts on both Mamut’s tax and financial software.

Inexpensive Travel
As owners of Nyman & Schultz Forretningsreiser, American Express is also able to offer discounts on air travel, hotels and car hire. When card users make use of the American Express Select Hotel Guide, they can get up to 53% discount on hotel accommodation. Nyman & Schultz Forretningsreiser also offers coordination and analysis of statistics from both booking/reservations and payment systems for optimal follow-up and control. They also provide price and booking guarantees.

Focus on Small Companies
«The American Express Business Card allows us to improve our competitive edge within the small business market, an area in which we expect to see significant growth in the future,» states Mr. Hagen. «DnB has previously offered a customer advantage program for small businesses, the Partner program. However, a number of our customers in this program expressed a wish for a more simple product and that is what the American Express Business Card offers.»



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