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How to get in touch with Mamut
Have you got anything on your mind, questions about Mamut’s products or anything else you want answered – please contact us!

Please contact Mamut on one of the following addresses. Please use the address that is best suited to your request to make sure that you get an answer as quickly as possible. Click on the underlined links to get in touch.

Product information
For information about Mamut’s products.

General inquiries
For general inquiries to Mamut.

Inquiries from the press

For feedback and questions regarding this website.

You can report illegal Mamut websites etc. here.

Mamut support
Contact Mamut regarding the use of Mamuts products here.

You can also contact us at:

Mamut Corporation
One Broadway, Suite 600
Cambridge MA 02142

Phone: +1 617 621 71 07  
Fax:    +1 617 577 12 09


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